Introducing the
"DONE WITH YOU" Program!


During the bootcamp, here is what you get;

  • FIND OUT what YOUR potential client WANT,
  • What your target audience is willing to PAY for
  • What offers to create (We are designing a 4-tier offer vault)
  • How to SELL these offers on autopilot...

Your Super Simple 3 STEP MASTERPLAN to uncover the Perfect Offer that sells and how to sell it.

I’ll work with you to define your niche and who your target audience is, what they want, create these offers with you and then map out step by step how you will sell out on each offer.

Offer Monetization Bootcamp

Let me Ask You a Question. Are You…

👉 #1 — A Content creator over 40yrs who is tired of just creating content and now ready to monetize with profitable offers that sells

👉 #2 — New coach or consultant who really cannot stand offering 1:1 and you're in need of other profitable offers that not only sells but speaks to you?

👉 #3 — Are you an overwhelmed Mom trying to do all the things but putting your dreams of an online business on the side?

👉 #4 — or are you a woman over 40yrs who knows a lot of valuable things and needs a way to monetize your knowledge online?

If you answered YES to any one of these, you are in luck because this is the perfect 1-1 IMPLEMENTATION BOOTCAMP

Ok, so now you know what you're learning, but let's talk about features:

1) 3 weeks of curriculum and 1-1 Intensive support

2) One-on-one Sessions: to discuss the elements listed above, we’ll do 3 sessions (90 minutes each). In these sessions, I’ll guide you through the topics and explain what you must do to accomplish them. I’ll support you with market research to niche down on who your potential clients truly are.

  • Understanding your Niche and Creating a Unique niche for your brand
  • Defining your ideal client avatar and how to streamline him/her into your revenue goal
  • Understanding who you are to navigate marketing and selling your offers with ease

  • Design a customized marketing plan to connect and attract quality leads for the offers

I’ll support you with market research to niche down on who your potential clients truly are.

3) Weekly homework and guided coaching for clarity - real-time assistance to your questions and concerns

4) The sustainable sales blueprint: From our sessions, you’ll have the blueprint needed to produce your sales narrative. Once you’ve finished it, you’ll send it to me.

  • Creating a lead magnet needed to sell out your offer

  • Content ideas and plan for the launch
  • Building a 4-tier Offer suite to sell within your offer funnel
  • Map out your sales funnel and ways to optimize it

  • Design a customized visual Launch Funnel map

5) Sales Strategy: A personalized strategy to convert superfans into clients by building an authentic relationship that will drive more sales and revenue.

6) Teecee’s Feedback: Once I receive it, I’ll revise it and provide you with my feedback.

  • 10 hrs Free Virtual Assistant Support for Implementation
  • Tools recommended and how to set them up
  • Review of the offer monetization strategy and next steps

I’ll help with testing the offers created to get informed data on the offer.

Are you ready to DOMINATE your NICHE and SELL OUT your offers with ease?

Let's figure out what your niche is, and your target audience, create offers to sell to them, and design the perfect sales funnel to sell these offers together.

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